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Download free how to update cobb accessport. A firmware update itself will not make visible the new maps if your Accessport is installed. You would need to use the Tune > Restore OTS Maps function and it will then show the newer map versions downloaded in firmware. If you give us a call at we’ll be happy to help walk you through it! [email protected] Reply. K subscribers 1. Open the Accessport Manager application on your computer.

If you do not have Accessport Manager installed on your 2. Plug the Accessport into the computer using a micro USB cable. 3. Click on the Updates icon in the menu bar. 4. If updates are available, the Begin Firmware. {"serverDuration": 28, "requestCorrelationId": "efa"} COBB Support {"serverDuration": 28, "requestCorrelationId": "efa"}. Here’s a link to step by step instructions on how to update your Accessport: [email protected]

Reply. The V2 Accessport is only compatible with USB ports. If your computer does not have USB ports, a USB hub to connect the Accessport to the computer will work. For any questions, please contact our support team at or [email protected] The V3 Accessport is USB. The instructions are there to help, but if i'm not mistaken, you have to plug together the 2 green test plugs, then plug the appropriate year connector to the semi-transparent plug located next to the test plugs.

After that, plug in the accessport and revert back to stock. **All COBB Aggressive, COBB High Torque Aggressive, COBB Sequential Style, or COBB OEM+ maps require the update to v or greater COBB OTS ECU maps. Please contact your preferred COBB Authorized Porsche ProTuner for a COBB PDK compatibility update if you currently have a ProTune based on a deprecated ECU map.**.

In previous episodes of COBB U we have explained the importance of tuning your car for performance modifications that are added. In this episode, COBB U will p. Cobb Accessport Update. Thread starter bombo; Start date ; bombo Member. #1. Messages Likes Location Hawthorne, NJ, USA. #1. Good Day Everyone Since I originally got my AP and my custom tune I have not connected to my PC.

However, today I went on the accessport manager app and it notified me. COBB Tuning has just released a finalized firmware update implementing the previous BETA update for MAZDASPEED 3/6. This finalized firmware update,integrates all of the BETA features into the official AP-MAZ AccessPORT firmware including new v maps which implement the newest data monitors including the new boost monitor that is able to log over 24psi.

Cobb Accessport firmware update. Just a heads up since there were a couple threads a few weeks ago about the 17S09 Coolant Sensor recall interfering with the Cobb APs: there's a new firmware update available. My support ticket with Cobb was just updated telling me to update my Accessport firmware through Accessport Manager. If you have an AP. Ensure that the Accessport is running the most recent version of firmware.

You can verify this by connecting the Accessport Accessport to AP Manager. cannot If the Accessport is up to date and still cannot identify the vehicle, please contact technical support. Page Environmental Information. Accessport General Features. BMW ACCESSPORT SUPPORT. FORD ACCESSPORT SUPPORT. PORSCHE ACCESSPORT SUPPORT. V3 Accessport Porsche User Manual • How To: Perform a Forced PDK Update via Porsche PIWIS II Once you have enabled PDK tuning on your COBB Tuned Porsche, you will have the ability to use launch control on both Sport Chrono and non.

NOTE: When flashing be sure to follow all recommended procedures and processes both onscreen and in the Accessport instruction manual. Option 1. After updating your unit to the newest firmware plug it into your vehicle. Turn the vehicle on, but do not start; Go into the tuning menu and select "change map". If that is the case, then no, you cannot uninstall the AccessPORT and keep the Cobb map on the ECU. If you are talking about the map that was on there prior to installing a version 2 AccessPORT, then uninstalling it will restore the ECU to the map that was present before the AccessPORT was installed.

Cobb AP3 - PD Tuning / aFe drop in filter, Mishimoto FMIC and charge pipes, Weathertech mats, MRT Y-pipe Ford Racing strut tower brace, Energy Suspension trans mount bushing, Eibach sway bar & BMR end links Ford Racing shift ball, Steeda clutch to master cylinder upgrade kit, GFB DV+, Drake fuel door, Airaid MIT.

2)Accessport can no longer connect to my pc, or mac. I'm computer savyCALLED COBB= FFS/LLC Do Not Work in the new software update, didn't know what the issue was with not connecting. Too recap, Cobb said this items are broken in the new firmware, well so is trying to connect. DESCRIPTION Accessport DSG Flashing update. Select this part number if you already own an Accessport for your VW MK7 Golf R or GTI DSG vehicle.

DSG tuning is not avaiable for Golf R at this time. DSG TRANSMISSION TUNING: The shift points at full throttle have been selected based on achieving the maximum torqu. Step 3: Now that the Accessport is up to date you are ready to install the custom map onto the the attached map in your email to your desktop then drag and drop the map into the Accessport Manager box.

Side note: You can at this time delete any maps that are on the Accessport at the time that you are going to use this will help clean up the Accessport and make it easier to find. I ordered a Cobb Accessport tuner for my Focus ST assuming that it would turn off and on with my car when plugged in.

When it didn't I thought I had to change a setting within one of the menus. WRONG. Cobb's firmware does not have a feature that. For those of you who don't want to upgrade to the complexity of a stand-alone engine management, the COBB Tuning V3 Accessport is a quality and proven piggyback tuning device designed to maximize the performance out of your vehicle. FEATURES: Larger, full-color higher resolution screen; Customizable multi-gauge display. The Cobb AccessPORT is the world's most flexible and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru.

The AccessPORT allows you to replace conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations to unlock free power hidden within your ECU. This is. {"serverDuration": 28, "requestCorrelationId": "75c1ade45b3a"} COBB Support {"serverDuration": 26, "requestCorrelationId": "cbd9feddbbc3"}. Subaru Accessport V3 (AP3-SUB) The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

As the subject indicates, I’d like to know if anyone has compared the estimated HP/TQ the Accessport provides with actual dyno results.

I have quite a few mods, but don’t believe the estimated numbers to be accurate. I’m getting /   Cobb accessport v2 wont install I ran a ton of searches and can find nothing that covers my problem, I also went to cobbs website and still nothing that fits my problem, I am going to call monday but was wondering if someone could help me out before then.

We now carry all COBB products! Let us know what you are looking for and we can get it for you! Sorry they do not make any MINI parts. The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your vehicle. COBB Accessport Firmware Update! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts.

COBB Vendor. Joined Posts. Discussion Starter •. I wanted to update this thread for the new COBB Tuning F L + Accessport release! Was able to get a truck on the dyno first day of the release. On pump 91oct, stock made whp, the COBB Off the shelf stage 1 91oct map made whp, my custom stage 1 map made whp. More gains! hey guys i am hearing that the cobb accessport will be coming soon for our s3 cars!

i had to contact them to find out but they wont release any real specific info. what they were able to say was to keep an eye out within the next few weeks for news about our cars and the a/p.

either check facebook or their site. Updates and Flashing. The process itself for flashing was extremely simple. Before even hooking it up to my car I attached it to my computer and verified it was fully up to date. I downloaded the AccessPort Manager from Cobbs site and installed it; Attached the AP to my computer and just following the prompts to update firmware/profiles. Cobb Accessport The Cobb Accessport unlocks the hidden potential in your car’s turbo engine.

Simple ECU flashing with gauge package! The new in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. The Accessport V3 is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Ford Focus ST or Fiesta ST. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

Hey guys i am finally starting to do a few upgrades to my car, i have already done the air box silencer delete and have ordered a BOV, boost control and intake. I am planning on buying a Cobb Accessport hopefully here in the next week, and an exhuast and gauges in.

First off I would like to say this forum is great! I've learned alot by reading up on all kinds of issues. I've been a member for a long time but just recently started using the forum. This is my first post. Anyways I have a Cobb AccessPORT but its first generation.

I see they have a trade in. Hey all! I purchased a used accessport thinking it was unmarried, however, both the seller and myself were mistaken. he has refunded me but now i have a married accessport. I contacted COBB and they want $ to relicense it so i could use it on my RS. I. Accessport PDK Flashing update from AP3-POR to AP3-PORPDK. The in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, high resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time.

Among other improvements, – model year owners can expect the notoriously harsh ‘Sport’ mode shift to be fixed using this and all other COBB TCM maps!

COBB OEM+The COBB OEM+ map is intended to be a sporty but refined improvement on the stock transmission behavior. Shift Points: Details shown below. I've been looking for a used mk 7 GTI Accessport without much luck. If I buy another V3 for a different vehicle, I read the part number of the Accessport can be changed for $ So if that's the case, is that something that Cobb has to do or would I get the firmware for the device to make it compatible with my GTI and be able to update on my.

When you use the accessport all you do is enter in values from the diagnostic port on the car and then you unplug the accessport when you are finished answering the questions on it. You cars ECU is like a harddrive, once its written thats all it needs.

The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your turbocharged vehicle. Unlock hidden power by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow COBB's staged upgrade path with pre-loaded Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mapping for any modification. - How To Update Cobb Accessport Free Download © 2011-2021